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Use your favorite tomato juice to make easy and delicious Bloody's in a snap!

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Mixes & Rim Salt

Quality and Fresh Flavor - All seasonings and salts are vegan & gluten free, date coded, and come in a vacuum packed resealable bag.

Bloody Mary Seasoning Stick Packs | 10 Pack Box
  • $7.00

Original Bloody Mary Seasoning | 25 Servings
  • $13.29

Burnt Bacon Horseradish Rimming Salt | 4 ozs.
  • $6.29

Spicy Dill Pickle Rimming Salt | 5 ozs
  • $6.59

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Get your fix with our Mix!

You'll have an amazing experience with Devil Daves. We took all the wet and dry components you would put in a classic Bloody and put them in one convenient blend. Fresh, zesty and bold with a whole bunch of attitude! The Worcestershire has body, the Cayenne and peppers have soul, and we didn't forget the grated horseradish either! Camping, flying, on a cruise or at home - Use your favorite Tomato juice to create the perfect Bloody to meet your needs! 

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Speed Mix Tin & 2 Boxes | Combo Pack
  • $25.00

Tin & Tumbler Set | 5 Sticks Included
  • $26.00

Double Rimmer & Stick Pack | Combo Deal
  • $25.00

Counter Display Hex Conatiner | 100 Sticks
  • $69.99

Tin & Pint Glass Set | 5 Sticks Included
  • $30.00

Home Bar Kit | 5 Sticks Included
  • $22.00

Wake the neighbors - They gotta try this!
16 oz. Acrylic Tumbler | 5 Sticks Included
  • $16.00

Bloody Mary Tree for Garnishes | 2 Tree Stirrers
  • $18.00

Chipotle Bloody Mary Meat Straws | 5 Pack
  • $7.99

16 oz Pint Glass - Tempered | 5 Sticks Included
  • $17.00

The Reviews - From Our Fans!

When you are camping, boating, golfing, or at home - Devil Daves gives you a delicious Bloody any time!

Just one word about the taste: Excellent - nothing more to say!

Jackie P.

These will always go with us to our NASCAR weekends - My friends made me "Bloodytender" at the next few races.

Paul Tanner

I went with the Pickle and Bacon rimmers, I am above satisfied! Thanks for shipping so fast!

Chrissy Apple

Sounds crazy but there is something special about these sticks. They are sooo DELICIOUS!

Maya Didas

Easy checkout and fast shipping! Oh the mix is just what I've been looking for too. Easy, thanks.

Gary F.

We took them in the RV up to Utah.  My wife and I enjoyed them very much - Thank you Dave.

H.M Fisher

Bought ours before Christmas and finally this morning I made a drink. Still fresh after months! I really like it!

Rhonda C.

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