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How's This Work?  Shake it, stir it, toss it with tomato juice & your favorite booze and you have an amazing Bloody Mary - On the go or anywhere!

No more bad Bloodys! No more missing ingredients. 

Is It Delicious? Devil Daves was born out of the need for the Bloody Mary to be portable, delicious and consistent. Our mix has real flakes of horseradish, Worcestershire, celery salt and other spices that blend quickly to give you a delicious Bloody Mary in seconds. It a classic mix, now in sticks!  But don't take it from me - Hear it from our huge fan base! 


Bloody Mary Sticks

With real horseradish and Worcestershire - And the right amount of Spice. Makes Ten - 16oz Bloody's. Shipping Included! 

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  • Isn't This Cool?

    What took us so long? These should have been on the market for you years ago. We now have over 2000 satisfied customers! SEE HOW IT WORKS HERE. 

  • On-The-Go

    Just Grab Vegetable Juice and Booze!  Works with Clamato, V8, or fix any broken bloody you see. Where do you want to make a Devil Dave's Bloody?

  • Vegan & Gluten Free

    No meat in my Bloody, please! We promise our spice mix is the real deal. Bold. Spicy. Devilish. Without compromising quality and taste. 

8oz. Speed Mix

Behind the bar or at home -  Consistency & Speed is everything.  Makes 25 - 16oz.  Bloody's. Shipping Included.

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