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It's the Holiday Season - What a better way to stay spicy then with Devil Daves and some good ol` fashioned day drinking and decorating!

Whats In Your Bloody Mary Seasoning? Devil Daves was born out of the need for the Bloody Mary to be portable, delicious and consistent. Our premium blend of 11 ingredients has grated Horseradish, Worcestershire, Smoked paprika, Cayenne, Celery salt, Zesty Citrus and several other robust spices blended to give you a delicious cocktail in seconds. The heat is subtle so you don't get overwhelmed. It's a classic taste that has smooth drinkability. Speaking of drinkware - Any vessel on our site includes Sticks Packs! Best of both worlds! Use with any Juice or Booze - Even Beer!  A lot of of our customers also use it to cook with - Try it in your next seafood boil - Crab baby, yea! 


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WE PACKAGE WITH CARE - Especially with your Bloody Mary Holiday Gifts!

Bloody Mary Stick Packs

Convenient - Portable - Weatherproof! A delicious Classic Bloody Mary without all the fuss!

1 Stick Mixes with 12 Ozs. of Juice! Shipping Included!

  • No Waste - Less Guessing

    Can't count the times a bottled mix has died on the door of your fridge or been tossed at your bar? Use ANY tomato juice you desire and always have a consistent and fresh Bloody with the perfect amount of ingredients.  With zero waste. VISIT OUR PRODUCTS

  • Adjust To Your Liking

    The heat is subtle and develops as you drink it. You can adjust by using more or less of the seasoning. We also made it Vegan & Gluten Free - Yep! Bold. Spicy. Devilish. Without compromising quality and taste. SEE INGREDIENTS HERE

  • Save Money

    One Box Of Sticks will Make 4 - 46 Oz bottles of V8 Tomato Juice into Bloody Mary Mix for around $22 (less if you use store brand) - It would take nearly 6 bottles of the leading brand to do that and they run $3.99 and up! WATCH IT WORK

Making BIG Bloodys?

Devil Daves Speed Mix Tins - Perfect for large batches when the friends come over.

Keep one on the counter or at the Hunting Camp - Use it to season meats and fish this fall!