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The Top 10 Tomato Juices To Use With Bloody Marys

There is no one "best" juice to use for a Bloody Mary, as personal taste preferences can vary greatly. Some common juices that are often used in Bloody Marys include 100% Tomato juice, Clamato, Vegetable juice and even green tomatillo juice. The key is to experiment and find the combination of juices and other ingredients that you like best. Some popular variations on the classic Bloody Mary recipe include the use of spicy tomato juice or the addition of hot sauce or other spices to give the drink a more bold flavor.

Ultimately, the best juice to use for a Bloody Mary will depend on your personal taste preferences. Today I want to talk about what I feel is the BEST Tomato Juice for Bloody Mary’s out there. I have gone on a search to figure out what tastes, smells or looks the greatest of all tomato juices. My goal is to find the tastiest, zingiest, full bodied, tomato juice for a Bloody Mary! We even have an actual Bloody Mary Store in Rehoboth Beach, DE - Stop in and see our huge selection of Tomato Juice and Clamato. Let us give you some advice including flavor profiles of some of the more popular brands of vegetable juice out there.

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Outside of bars & restaurants, I found a combination of grocery store, organic and specialty brands to check out before I started taste testing them with the World's First Bloody Mary Stick Pack made by Devil Daves. Tomato juice has so many health benefits in it. It offers an excellent source of Lycopene, the antioxidant linked to fighting certain types of diseases like the dreaded Cancer or Heart Disease. Tomato juice is also rich in potassium, folate and vitamins A and C. Pretty much one glass (8 oz) can provide you with a full serving of vegetables. The best part is, that all of these ingredients in Bloody Marys, actually cut down on the chances of you getting heart disease*. So yeah, a Bloody a day may keep the doctor away!

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So let’s begin our list. You can rearrange them for yourself, but here they are in my favorite order from absolute best tomato juice to use for Bloody Marys.


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1. Mott's Clamato Juice

First and foremost this is the ultimate juice to use for Bloodys, Caesars and Micheladas. Since it's a frequent topic of curiosity: Clamato and Devil Daves. We always enjoy responding to this query. Our top choice for using Devil Daves is to make a Bloody Caesar. As a matter of fact our seasoning was crafted with this very drink in mind. Mott's, a long-standing player in the juice industry, has gifted us with this delightful Canadian creation. It does contain clam juice, and its tangy, zesty flavor is undeniably delicious, especially when blended with beer or vodka!


2. Sacramento Tomato Juice

While Sacramento might have taken the top spot, my heart belongs to Caesars, a favorite in our Family. However, don't underestimate Sacramento. It boasts a superior fresh pressed taste that sets it apart. The smoothness of this juice as it glides over your taste buds is truly remarkable. It offers a robust, briny experience that masterfully balances sweetness and tanginess. The way it delights the senses is simply exceptional. It's the champion when it comes to pure Tomato Juice.


3. V8 Spicy Vegetable

V8, a renowned name in the juice industry for over 75 years, really shines with its Spicy blend, my absolute favorite for use with Devil Daves Diablo. This version stands out with its delightful kick, perfect for those who appreciate a bit of heat in their Bloody. It's not just the spiciness that makes it special, the texture is another high point, offering a rich, full-bodied experience that feels authentic and substantial. Whether it's for its spicy zest, health benefits, or its robust flavor profile, the Spicy V8 is a standout choice for anyone looking for a banging Bloody filled with depth and heat..!


4. Mott’s Picante Clamato Juice

You know what? This is really popular among tomato juice drinkers and especially for uses in specialty drinks. It's hot and spicy, bold and tangy. Clamato definitely has a cult following spawning Caesar Festivals across North America. Making a classic Michelada is nothing without Clamato or their Picante Flavor. The subtle hint of clam juice offers that extra punch some people look for in a tomato juice. It has a "briny" flavor but not "clammy" by any means and the "Peppery" finish is what you should be looking for when making Micheladas!


5. Tamek Turkish Tomato Juice

Discover the hidden gems among tomato juices, those unique imported brands waiting to be explored in your grocery aisles. While familiar brands have their appeal, these lesser-known treasures offer an authentic, natural taste that stands out. They're not just good tomato juice; they're the epitome of wholesomeness and reliability. What sets them apart is their distinct, robust character, possibly stemming from the use of specially selected tomatoes grown in warm climates. These juices offer a straightforward, delightful tomato experience, free from unexpected additives..


6. Campbell’s Tomato Juice

Campbells Tomato Juice - It has a deep flavor and kind of like a drinkable version of homemade tomato bisque with a little extra kick of lime in it. This too has been a staple in the tomato juice industry. It’s plain, but in a good way. It’s not as thick feeling to drink. Robust, thick, not flat but can have a boring finish if not mixed with premium Bloody Mary Seasoning.


7. Tuscanini Premium Tomato Juice

Surprisingly this Italian brand is kind of thin. Definitely sweet, but at the same time it seems to have a touch of lime in it. Definitely has a tart texture and acidity. In this particular juice the acidic balance works with the tomato flavor in my opinion. Depending on whether you like your taste buds to stand up or not against the tang of citrus…perhaps will decide for you your own ranking of it.


8. W. Knudsen Organic Very Veggie

This fresh juice is often found by many, a favorite because of it's substantial tomato-y flavor. It’s described like having just picked tomatoes fresh out of the garden taste. You know what I mean? Freshest fresh picked flavor. They even have a Sriracha flavored blend. Natural. Simple and delicious. Aromatic.


9. V8 Low Sodium

I'm a big fan of the low sodium V8 juice, not for me but as an option for customers watching their salt intake. To me, it has the classic V8 flavor but without the higher sodium. We always keep this in stock at the Bloody Mary Shop and explain that you can use more or less of our mix to bring sodium levels way down. So if you are watching intake, and still want a Bloody Mary, consider using this low salt version by V8.


10. Red Gold Tomato Juice

Red Gold Tomato Juice strikes a perfect balance in its consistency, setting itself apart from other standard tomato juices. It has a semi-sweet taste, coupled with a just-right thickness - not too thin, yet not overly thick as it smoothly goes down. What really stands out for me is the no-salt-added aspect, and did you know that the Red Gold company makes Sacramento Tomato juice too?


11. V8 Bloody Mary Mix - NEW

We added this one at the end for awareness - V8 Bloody Mary Mix is great by itself but if you want a base to make Bloodys from scratch, this is a great option. You are already half way there! It offers a perfect equilibrium in its consistency, distinguishing itself from ordinary tomato juices. It boasts a semi-sweet flavor profile and an ideal thickness - not overly watery, yet not too heavy, so it is great to build upon and still incorporate some of your own recipe additions! You can also add a stick or two of our Bloody Mary Seasoning to build up more flavor!

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TREND FOR THOUGHT: The Bloody Mary market is experiencing a surge in popularity, driven by a similar trend towards gourmet and artisanal brands in the beverage industry. This rise in demand can be attributed to consumers' growing interest in complex, bold flavors, and the willingness to explore unique variations of classic drinks. The incorporation of craft-made spirits, along with an array of high-quality, exotic ingredients like pickles, specialty hot sauces, and unique seasoning blends, has elevated the Bloody Mary from a traditional brunch staple to a culinary experience in its own right..

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Best Bloody Mary Mix on the Market…….HANDS DOWN

Wild Bill White

Oh my Dave. You are way off. By far, the best tomato juice and vegetable juice is Dei Fratelli. These are not made from concentrate like V8 and most others you listed. And, it is cheaper. I still like V8 for its unique flavor.


I used to make mine with Beefamotto or Snappy Tom both have been discontinued. Is there anything that tastes similar to either of these? I miss them dearly!


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