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Diablo Bloody Mary Seasoning | 25 Servings

Diablo Bloody Mary Seasoning | 25 Servings

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Spice up your drinks with our Extra Spicy Offering, boasting 95K Scoville Units! This instant Bloody Mary powder is perfect for on-the-go or at-home mixing. Simply combine with tomato juice or Clamato and your choice of spirits for a customizable, fiery cocktail. Our new Flip Top tubs keep the seasoning fresh and can transform 25 cans (12 oz each) of tomato juice into Bloody Mary mix. You haven't had a great Bloody Caesar until you've mix DIablo with Clamato - The best out there!

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Spice Up Your Bloody Mary Mix:

Adjustable heat: Customize intensity to your liking. Add more for extra kick!

Packaging: Durable PET plastic jar with Flip Top Lid and Scoop

Mixing guide: 1 Scoop per 12 oz juice or 2-4 Scoops per 46 oz jug (adjust to taste)

Instant prep: Create Bloody Marys or Caesars in moments

Expert tip: Mix and refrigerate overnight for optimal flavor

For 46 oz jugs: 2-4 Scoops per jug

Remember to remove a couple inches of juice from the top first to make room for seasoning.

Remove some juice first to make room for seasoning

Heat level: 8/10 🌶️🌶️🌶️ (Medium-hot)

Fine-tune spiciness with juice selection -Try with: Spicy V8, Sacramento, or Clamato

Shelf life: Unopened 1.5 years

Best practice: Store in cool, dark, dry place

Tasting Notes

Bold Spicy and Peppery - Potent nose with Amazing taste that lingers - Use this for your Bloody Caesar recipe today!


Fish free Worcestershire, Grated flakes of Horseradish, Citrus, Celery Salt, Garlic, Citric Acid, Onion, Korean Chili Flake, Smoked Paprika, Bird eye Cayenne Pepper, Lemon, Silicon Dioxide (Anti-caking)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews

Highly recommended, you won’t be disappointed 👍🏻

Michele Eairheart
Great Product

So easy to make, tastes great, really don't need to add all the extras. Great product!!

Chris B
Awesome flavor - Use Sacramento Juice or Clamato!

Awesome flavor and a great value. I would most definitely buy this product again. I like how it gets spicier with every sip - Definitely the right amount of heat for me!

Marty & Marcy Henze
Big Fan of the Extra Spicy

Could be a bit hotter for us. However, we actually made a batch and used it next day and we were pleasantly surprised at the complexity and spiciness - Tastes so nice with Tito's. We also used the suggested Pineapple Tequila.. Yumm!

Flavor explosion! Perfect amount of heat & spiciness - We love it!

Perfect amount of heat!! It even has grated horseradish which adds to the flavor and complexity!! This is our second order of Diablo - We like to use Clamato but this time tried it with store bought tomato juice. I suggest mixing a day ahead right in the bottle of juice. I used 3 scoops in a 46 Ounce Bottle.. Perfection the next day!

No more guessing or measuring! No mess - Highly recommend!

Dean K
Really Like the flavor

So easy for me now - won't go back to bottled mixes. I enjoy Clamato sometimes too. I found the mix to be all the right flavors you should have in a Bloody. Great customer service too!

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