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Devil Daves FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions and Information about our Bloody Mary Spice Mix:

Why did you put Devil Daves in a Stick Pack?
The stick pack is a fairly new concept here in the USA. It has been in the Asian market for many years. Naturally, it's the most efficient way to package. The best things about stick packs, besides their ability to maintain freshness longer, is low production cost - which translates to savings for YOU!

What is the Recipe for a perfect Devil Daves Bloody Mary Cocktail?
It's so simple. Just fill a 16oz glass with Ice. Add one Bloody Mary Stick - Pour at most, 8-10 ounces of tomato juice and a couple shots of Vodka - use Absolute Peppar™ so you have awesomeness!

Then shake, stir, or toss. Instagram it.. Enjoy!

How much liquid do I use for each packet?
To make a perfect Bloody Mary with Devil Daves we recommend you use 8-10 ounces of V8™ or Clamato™ Juice. Remember, like the spice mix itself, you can use more or less juice to suite your needs. Its versatile and you will get used to having a Devil Daves how you want it. Not how they want you to have it. Also we like a good stiff drink - so 1 or 2 ounces of Vodka is also recommended.

Also, don't forget we gave you enough spice mix to use less or more to your liking.

Is this Organic?
Although Devil Daves is Vegan & Gluten Free we must admit, we could not say that is 100% Organic. We source our spices from a very reputable American Trading company, however, in order to help the spice pack from turning into a solid rock we use Maltodextrin, and Silicon Dioxide. Trust me, you have been eating it your whole life. Its not a preservative, rather a substance to help food dissolve better. Our spice pack mixes easily and dissolves in seconds. You don't want stuff stuck in your teeth right?

Can I really use it to make Bloody Mary Chicken Wings?
We are absolutely 100% positive that this bloody mary spice mix is KILLER on Wings.  We have tried several different variations. Rub it and grill it or you can mix it in Buffalo Sauce  - You can even use a touch of Tomato juice mixed with Franks and a Stick Pack. The last Chef to try it actually marinated wings in tomato juice and Devil Daves, then grilled them and finished it with a dry rub of the spice mix - Yeah - Devil Daves Bloody Mary Chicken Wings will be in many bars across the nation soon!  We have a feeling about that.!

If I back You on Kickstarter, what do I win?
You don't win anything, that is not the way it works! That's right - you are PLEDGING to back us because you want to see us get this product to market more efficiently with the help of more funding. So when you see our Kickstarter - there will be dollar amounts and a reward listed for each level. This is your chance to get an "Early Bird" deal on our retail product before it hits the market at full retail price! An incentive that helps both of us out! Thanks for backing us!

When will I receive my Reward for Backing you on Kickstarter?
We plan to go full online retail in 3 short months after our funding is received. Anyone who backed us on Kickstarter will receive their reward in the first 2 months depending on how fast we can get our stick pack manufacturer to finish the first run. Then we have to pack them and ship. So around the middle of May - 3 months after the kickstarter money comes in.

What are your plans if you are fully funded?
Next stop - The Moon. We plan to take this company and its amazing product into wholesale by the end of 2018. But in the beginning we are going to focus strictly on the online customers who have helped us out along the way.

Is there any Gluten in your Spice Mix?
Absolutely not. We promise to contain no nuts, or gluten. Also we guarantee that we package our stick packs in a warehouse that does not package nuts.

How do we contact you about Wholesale?
Click here to contact us! or call 518-613-4225