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Bloody Mary Seasoning

Where can we Buy Devil Daves?

What are your Store Hours and Location?
Our Bloody Mary Store is located at 222 Rehoboth Ave at Rehoboth Beach, Delaware 19971 - Our Retail Store offers Bloody Mary Supplies including - Tomato Juice, Devil Daves Seasoning, Mixers, Michelada Bases & Shrubs, Simple Syrups, Liquor Infusions, Pickles, Meat Sticks, Pickle Brines, Meats, Cheeses, Hot Sauces and much much more! CLICK HERE FOR HOURS AND INTERACTIVE DIRECTIONS on GOOGLE


What's in the packet?
Great question. Let me clear up for you exactly what is in the seasoning. We took 11 of all the wet and dry ingredients you would put in a classic Bloody and either dehydrated, granulated, or milled them. We use only the best quality to ensure you get what you pay for - Especially when it comes to how easy it is! You can always go hunting down dry Worcestershire powder or milled horseradish powder but we did that for you. The citrus is dried then granulated and swells up instantly in juice. Same goes for the grated horseradish flakes. All we did was take the tomato juice out of the equation so you can avoid unnecessary corn syrup, MSG, dyes and fillers. It has an amazing taste that lingers and leaves you with a quality mouth feel at an affordable price and easy application!

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How Would You Describe The Hotness?

Depends on your tolerance for sure - The Original is just medium heat! We wanted it to be subtle so it's fits everybody and if they want it hotter, add some favorite hot sauce or even more Horseradish - Now the Diablo, which you definitely need to try, is a few notches hotter but also not crazy hot.. We left some room for adding your own hot sauce as well but for most people it's just right. All a matter of preference when it comes to heat.. I do plan to release a 3rd blend in 2022 that is Hell Fire hot. We definitely get people asking to take it even further - they are the ones who we can't make it hot enough for.. Remember, if you don't think it's hot, then it's because you can handle higher levels of Capsaicin in your system and probably add hot sauce any way! Everyone is different, but the Flavor & Texture of Devil Dave's should impress you! 

How Do You Compare To Zing Zang?
We don't compare to any Bottled mix.. We're different! They have a Bottled mix that comes in one or two flavors. With Devil Daves, you can use any tomato juice in the world. Or any Clamato. So possibilities are endless - You decide which style you like and add more or less of the Seasoning mix to adjust to your liking! 

What is the Spiciness & Finish Like?
Everyone is different when it comes to spiciness and we aren't describing the heat level here. That was covered above. We kept the spiciness of our Original Bloody Seasoning at a level 7 out of 10. We kicked it up a notch with our Diablo Extra Spicy Bloody Mary Seasoning and brought it to level 10 - It has a nice textured spice that hits you on the back-end. Its not, burn your tongue spicy but rather tangy, peppery and briney. Original has a smoother flavor and texture while Diablo is more developed and Robust. If you feel your mix is too spicy, use less of the stick pack or try a low sodium juice.. If its not spicy enough - use Spicy V8, use more of the packet or add some hot sauce, ground pepper or fresh grated horseradish!


How much liquid do I use for each packet?
To make a perfect Bloody Mary with Devil Daves we recommend you use 10-12 ounces of tomato juice, V8™ or Clamato™ Juice. Remember, like the spice mix itself, you can use more or less juice to suite your needs. Try using 3 Sticks or Scoops in a 46 Oz Bottle of Juice. This is the best way - especially when you make it ahead of time! Our mix is very versatile and you will enjoy customizing Devil Daves to your liking, not how they want you to have it. Also we like a good stiff drink but not ruin the flavor - so 1 or 2 ounces of Vodka is recommended. 

Also, don't forget you can adjust your blend by using more or less of the Seasoning!


How much juice for a bloody maryWhy did you put Devil Daves in a Stick Pack?
The stick pack is a fairly new concept here in the USA. We feel it's the most efficient way to package and deliver the seasoning to any container of Tomato juice. The best things about stick packs, besides their ability to maintain freshness longer,  is that they are super portable and weatherproof!


What is the Recipe for a perfect Devil Daves Michelada!
It's so simple. Just mix up a Jug of Devil Daves using your favorite Clamato - Use 3-4 scoops of Seasoning per 46 oz Jug.  Or use a Shaker with 12 ounces of Clamato & 1 Scoop.  Then just pour over Ice and Top with a good crisp beer like Modelo, Bud Light, Corona Especial... To perfect your Michelada, first rim the glass with Chamoy and Tajin®.. See more Blooy Mary drink recipes here! 

How to use Devil Daves Bloody Mary

Can I really use it to make Bloody Mary Chicken Wings?
We are absolutely 100% positive that this bloody mary spice mix is KILLER on Wings.  We have tried several different variations. Rub it and grill it or you can mix it in Buffalo Sauce  - You can even use a touch of Tomato juice mixed with Franks and a Stick Pack. The last Chef to try it actually marinated wings in tomato juice and Devil Daves, then grilled them and finished it with a dry rub of the spice mix - Yeah - Devil Daves Bloody Mary Chicken Wings will be in many bars across the nation soon!  We have a feeling about that.!

Is there any Gluten in your Spice Mix?
Absolutely not. We promise to contain no nuts, or gluten. Also we guarantee that we package our stick packs in a warehouse that does not package nuts. All of our mixes are Gluten Free, Vegan, and no MSG. See Our Nutrition Facts Here.

Are these legal to fly with?
Yes they are and don't forget they serve regular Tomato juice on planes! We designed them for travel. They are fully TSA safe and have been taken on flights many times! As a matter of fact, if you take a photo of yourself having one on a plane, share it on our Facebook and we'll give you 10% off your next purchase! Just be sure to let us know before you order by email or messenger. 

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Are the Stick Packs waterproof? How long do they last?
We have tested them in damp conditions and experienced nothing that would make them not function. They should be able to be fully submersed and still work fine. They are air tight and have a shelf life of at least 2 years. 

How do we contact you about Wholesale?
Click Here To Apply 

We put a lot of care into our packaging. It is, after all, the final product too! When shipping to our most important fans, it's definitely the time to be organized. Orders arrive in 2-4 days and come protected and ready to use! Order confirmation, an invoice and Tracking is provided via email!  All items are tested, coded and dated and safe for consumption. IF YOU ARE GIVING THESE AS A GIFT, PLEASE STATE THAT IN THE NOTE SECTION AT CHECKOUT. 

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