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World's First Bloody Mary Stick Pack - We made our Bloody Mary Recipe super simple and Delicious! 

When was the last time you had an awful Bloody at the bar, or even at a friends house? Not so great at making them yourself? Hate buying all of those ingredients that just collect dust in the back of your fridge? Looking for a great Bloody Mary recipe can be daunting - Look no further. Say goodbye to bland mixes that don't deliver and always need something added.. Our Seasonings have the necessary ingredients to make a single Bloody by the glass wherever, whenever you want - without skimping on taste or quality. You will only need tomato juice and vodka.

Because you can use any juice or Clamato, Devil Daves is the most versatile, customizable, and flavorful way to make a Bloody Mary on the market. You won't get more flavor options from any other mix!

Devil Daves also makes a mean Michelada!  See How It Works Here

I source my recipe's ingredients from a spice company that cares about quality and customer service so its only natural we reflect that same principle onto you! Devil Daves has been fine tuned to work within seconds with minimal effort. My mix is a breakdown of what you would put in a classic Bloody Mary, but in dry form! What set's Devil Daves apart is that we are the first to be in a stick pack - without a doubt the most convenient way to transport and use a drink mix. Visit our Retail Store next time you are looking to make the Best Bloodys in Rehoboth Beach!

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We put all the right stuff into Devil Daves Bloody Mary Seasoning - The Worcestershire, celery salt, citrus, heat the grated horseradish and all the time and effort to make sure your first and every experience is unforgettable | Read our FAQ page to answer any questions you may have!

Thanks to our tremendously supportive fans and friends, our mix is getting the attention it deserves at the speed that's right for this company. We enjoy having a loyal fan base so interested in the "going-ons" at Devil Daves - Serving you and hearing the feedback is what makes this so much fun!

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Just like my Uncle Dave, for whom the company is named, we believe in quality, price and fun!  You will see, taste, and feel the value when you have your first Devil Daves. This a pretty futuristic approach to Bloody Mary mix - Give Devil Daves a try!

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We have a Brick and Mortar Bloody Mary Store in Rehoboth Beach! Please keep us bookmarked and followed on all Socials!

If you have any questions in the mean time - contact us here through our form.

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