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The Best Pickles To Use With Bloody Marys

When it comes to crafting the perfect Bloody Mary, the choice of pickles and pickled goods can be as varied as personal taste or whatever you have in the fridge. While tomato juice, clam juice, and citrus juices are traditional components, the real secret lies in your experimentation to discover the ideal combination of pickled delights and other ingredients that suits your palate.

Many variations of the classic Bloody Mary recipe involve playing with pickled ingredients. You can opt for spicy pickled vegetables, like jalapeños or pickled green beans, or even experiment with unique brines to give your cocktail a bolder, more adventurous flavor.

Today, let's delve into the world of pickles and pickled goods to find what I believe is the ultimate accompaniment for your Bloody Mary. Join me on a flavorful journey as we search for the most tantalizing, zesty, and full-bodied pickle Brands to elevate your cocktail game. It's worth noting that if you happen to be in Rehoboth Beach Delaware, you can explore our dedicated Bloody Mary Store, where we offer an extensive selection of pickles, seasonings, olives, and expert advice to enhance your beverage experience. Discover the various flavor profiles of popular pickled brands and transform your Bloody Mary into an irresistible masterpiece. Cheers to finding your pickled perfection..!

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One remarkable aspect of pickles and their counterparts in Bloody Marys is their potential to reduce the risk of certain health issues. Much like tomato juice, which is renowned for its lycopene content, pickles also contain beneficial compounds that can help combat diseases such as cancer and heart disease. Consuming pickles regularly as part of your diet can contribute to a healthier, heart-friendly lifestyle. So, consider adding a serving of pickles or pickled goods to your daily routine—it's a delicious way to boost your overall health. With their nutritional prowess, a daily dose of pickles might just be the key to keeping the doctor at bay!**

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Let's kick off our list. Feel free to rearrange these as you see fit; they're not currently in my preferred order, and I'm open to hearing your suggestions in the comments!


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1. Epic Pickles - Spicy Garlic Dills

If you're craving a Bloody Mary and want to add a briny kick, look no further than Epic Pickles' Spicy Garlic Dills. These spear-style pickles come in a large 32 oz jar, offering a satisfying crunch in every bite. What sets them apart is their exceptional brine that's the perfect balance of spicy and garlicky, elevating your Bloody Mary or Caesar to new heights. Epic pickles have been gracing the eastern sea board for years now and can be found all thoughtout Pennsilvania and Delaware. Rob the owner is meticulous so you know you are getting a satisfying and quality product every time!


2. Kilhaneys - Garlic Dill Chips

Sporting some of the hottest labels in the game, Kilhaneys' Garlic Dill Chips are the epitome of craftsmanship. These thick-cut, crunchy chips are generously infused with garlic, making them the ideal accompaniment to your Bloody Mary. They add a burst of flavor and texture that complements the drink impeccably. Kilhaneys is a small business out of Jersey and sticks with the eastern infulences used when canning. You get old school flavor but with timeless quality and care.


3. Frankie's - Whiskey Pickles

For a unique twist on the classic halved sour pickle, try Frankies' Whiskey Pickle. These long cucumber halves are infused with smoky whiskey notes and a peppery kick. Not only do they add flair to your Bloody, but their brine is powerful and robust. Stong enough to hold up to mix as a Pickletini or use with Pickle Back Shots.

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4. The Real Dill - Habanero Horseradish Dills

When it comes to finding a pickle to fire up your Bloody Marys, The Real Dill's Habanero Horseradish Dills take the crown. These pickles pack a nose-tingling punch of habanero heat and the richness of horseradish. Crafted in small batches with pure ingredients, they're widely regarded as the ultimate pickles for spicing up your Bloody Mary. Out of Colorado, our friends at The Real Dill have always made sure to send us quality every time! Special shout out - Great job on the new Harvest Bloody Mary Mix!


5. Crisp & Company - Ginger Pickles

Crisp & Company's Ginger Pickles bring a sweet and spicy twist to your Bloody Mary game. With a spicy tart finish and a delightful touch of sweetness from the ginger, they provide a well-balanced and adventurous flavor profile that's different from the norm. When you want something diffrent and out of the norm, the Ginger pickles should be your first pick! Also out of Pennsilvania, these jars are packed with lessons learned from the early Dutch settlers who knew everything there was to know about canning. We believe pickles out of Pennsilvania to be the best in the world!


6. Peoples Provisions - Sweet & Spicy Chips

If you're looking for premium pickles at an excellent price point, The Peoples Provisions' Sweet & Spicy Garlic Chips have you covered. These small-format pickles offer a standard favorite but with a higher quality than store-bought options. They're the perfect affordable choice to enhance your Bloody Mary. I like how they pack so much flavor into each jar. You can see the ingredients prminent like mustard seed, sliced garlic and peppercorns.

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7. Cleveland Kitchen - Kimchi Pickles

Curious about kimchi pickles? Brace yourself for a taste sensation that will revolutionize your palate! Cleveland Kitchen's Kimchi Pickled Delights are a culinary masterpiece. These pickles are more than just a delightful snack; they're also champions of gut health.** Imagine thick-cut chips bursting with flavor and texture, and you'll find them in every bite. But there's more – each tub is generously packed with extras like shredded carrots and cabbage, making it a culinary adventure in itself. Feel free to use them for marinades with skin on chicken - Soo good - These have a permanent home in my firdge!


8. Forward Provisions - Curried Cauliflower

Surprisingly, these should have been #1 but we are talking pickles. I just had to throw these in though. For unique departure from traditional pickles, try Forward Provisions' Curried Cauliflower. These crunchy cauliflower bites offer a long-lasting burst of curry flavor that's not only great in a Bloody Mary but also perfect for adding a twist to salads. A delicious and versatile option for the adventurous palate.


9. Pacific Pickle Works - Mother Puckers

These half-sour style spears are an adventure for your taste buds. Packed with mustardy tang and a burst of tartness, they provide a unique flavor profile that's elevated with peppercorns and a spicy kick from the garlic. The brine is my favorite part and should definitely be poured directly into your Bloody to add that layer of zesty dimension! Whether you're a pickle aficionado or simply looking to take your Bloody Mary game to the next level, these halved cukes are a delicious and exciting choice that promises to tantalize your palate with every sip.


Alternative Pickled Goods for a Bloody Mary Garnish

TREND FOR THOUGHT: The Pickle market is witnessing a shift towards the emergence of gourmet, artisanal, and craft-made varieties. Despite the increasing production costs due to inflation, which are somewhat modest compared to other products, there is a growing consumer willingness to embrace novel and more intense flavors. This trend is particularly evident in the rising popularity of pickles made in small batch although there is a race to the shelves at major grocers increasing the likelihood of a price war.

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