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Devil Dave's Bloody Mary Stick - 10 Packet Tube

Regular price $11.99

The Original Devil Daves Bloody Mary Sticks - Makes 10 servings. Available for PRE-SALE purchase now! CLICK HERE TO BE TAKEN TO AN ORDER PAGE - All payments processed by STRIPE and you will receive your order by May 1st, 2018.

Net Weight -  2.8 oz (80gr) - Nutrition Facts here
  • Contains 10 single serving stick packs to make individual 14-16 oz. Instant Bloody Mary Cocktails.  Also includes a Custom Laser etched Swizzle Stick.
  • Retail price will be - $11.99 plus shipping. Shipping will be flat rate across the lower 48 States at $3.00
  • Package is Eco-Friendly Kraft paper and corn plastic PET recyclable plastic caps. Also lined with FDA approved material for freshness. 
  • The Only Bloody Mary Stick Pack on the Market
  • Our mix is made with REAL Horseradish
  • Gluten Free Bloody Mary Mix
  • Vegan


How Will We Make The Packets?

Once we go full production the stick packs will be made on a 6 lane machine that will pump out thousands of pieces per hour!  The machine, known as a Vertical Form Filler, has a huge hopper on top and releases a desired amount of our spice into a sachet and then seals and perforates the packet individually. Currently, our sample packet does not tear easily. This is because our prototype stick pack is made of a high density food grade foil - that will tear if slit is made, but not easily. You will have to cut it open manually. We did this to save money on the research phase. However when they are made by machine they will have a different foil and poly coating with perforation that will help it tear just like the Crystal Light or Gatorade stick packs you see in stores.

Our Projects only concern is LEAD TIME...
The process of making our stick packs is a 2-3 month process and is one of our projects threats, as we expect to promise our Kickstarter a 2 month lead time to get their rewards for backing us!  We have sided with two manufactures to produce the laminate (packaging material) and also to run the filling of the stick packs. Then we must box and ship. So this could potentially slow up the timeline in reaching the market. Not a bad thing - but we are focusing strictly on the consumer and our backers in the first production run. We want to keep our promises and our stick to a schedule. The more funding we get, the better we can serve you! 


Projected Market release is May 2018 -  BACK US ON KICKSTARTER and YOU will be in the first group to receive yours! - Starting January 1st, 2018 - National Bloody Mary Day.


Interested in Marketing our Product?  Devil Dave's Bloody Mary Sticks is the best way to get a bloody into the woods for camping - on the golf course - or on a boating trip.  

Want to help us out? We only ask that you Instagram or find us on Facebook and SHARE - Getting this product to market takes a lot of Social Influence!