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Grilled Bloody Mary Chicken Wings

Wings are near and dear to my heart. I grew up a couple hours away from the wing Capital of the world, Buffalo NY. So you can kind of say I'm a wing geek. This recipe has been perfected elsewhere many times over, but now there's a Bloody Mary seasoning mix that is just perfect to achieve that robust Worcestershire flavor with just the right amount of celery, horseradish and heat. It's so simple this way and once again, you can cut down on the cost by using Devil Daves because it has the horseradish, celery salt, and Worcestershire already included!

This was the first time making them at a restaurant. I showed up for wing night at my friends golf course. Thanks Hales Mills GC..! Of course, I was right in everyone's way. I tried to make myself invisible while they sent out dozens of hot, mild and garlic-parm wings. Did anybody care about my addition to the world of wings? Probably not... Until they tasted one.

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devil daves bloody mary chicken wing recipe

This recipe is easy. From home you just need an oven, and grill. Then some bowls and a sheet tray. No fryer needed. No big mess. Get all the ingredients ready ahead of time. You can make up the finishing sauce a day ahead too, but its not recommended because you have to refrigerate it and the butter will get rock hard. Opened bottled tomato juice does not like to be out of the fridge so don't go leaving it on the counter overnight. Make it just before you put the wings on the grill. It will be ready when you are. 

bloody mary chicken wings for super bowl 52

The bloody mary chicken wing marinade is so simple, and it should cover a dozen jumbo wings. They should soak up most of the marinade so just dump the whole thing on the sheet tray before you roast them. Its best to spread them out on the pan. If they are all bunched up they will steam instead of roast. You will end up with a rubbery wing. Don't forget the parchment paper!

I found that roasting them at a super high temperature for 10 minutes works best. Of course everyone's oven is different, so play it safe and use 450 - 500 degrees. After around 5 minutes, check that they are roasting hard (listen for the crackling sound). At 10 minutes, pull it out and pinch one of the wings. They should look cooked and feel firm. 

oven baked chicken wings superbowl 52

So who is ready for Superbowl Sunday? Like most people, day drinking and football goes hand in hand. Last year we had ordered some wings from a local pizza place and boy, they must have been super busy or something, it took over an hour for the food to arrive. When it did, the wings were the first thing that we agreed we would make ourselves the following year.  That's what makes this recipe so easy, you don't need a deep fryer. Just a bowl, an oven and a grill. By Superbowl 53, you'll be enjoying some wings that match your favorite day time cocktail, the Bloody Mary! 

So, back to the par cooked wings. I like to let them sit for about ten minutes after they come out of the oven. That way they have a chance to properly rest before you grill them.  This is like the golden rule of cooking. Always rest your meat. No matter what it is.  Also, have your kid start the grill. He needs to get off his lazy butt anyway. Then start your chicken wing finishing sauce. See the special notes about the sauce in the last paragraph.

grilled chicken wings for the superbowl 52

Once your grill is at high temp, usually 600 degrees, you are ready to finish cooking them all the way. So when grilling, make sure to spread them out on the grill. You want even heat and fast cooking. They shouldn't grill for more than like 3-5 minutes. They are already par cooked and rested so all your focus should be on nice grill marks and an even char!

While I was grilling them, the Chef had some crazy opera/techno music on in the background. The sound of the searing meat mixed with the repetitive beat sure made me alert so I didn't forget to turn the wings! I recommend some smooth jazz if you are kind of new to grilling at high temperatures. 

bloody mary chicken wing sauce devil daves

Now is a great time to get everyone around you. You're about to show them the best Bloody Mary Chicken wing sauce in the world. This slathering concoction is so simple. Yet, it takes one small over pour to mess it up. The secret to this wing sauce is that you want more tomato juice than buffalo sauce. The wings wont taste like Bloody Mary's unless you have that vegetable juice flavor come through. So remember, you can always add but not take out.. If you are unsure, add the tomato juice, then the Devil Daves seasoning, then a splash of buffalo. Then adjust. For a richer taste, add a little butter or whirl.

best bloody mary chicken wing recipe

You want to get them right off the grill and into the sauce while they are hot and sizzling. Mix them quick and plate. Finish with your favorite dipping sauces. Make up something different. Here is a great pickle dip recipe


You will need:
  • 12 Raw chicken wings - patted dry and chilled
  • 12 ounces - 2 cans - of thick tomato juice - Sacramento or Campbell's
  • 3 ounces Vodka - Absolute Pepper or Make an infused Pickle Vodka
  • 2 ounces plain hot sauce - Franks or Sweet Baby Rays
  • Melted Butter or Liquid Butter Substitute, like Whirl
  • 1 good fresh Lime - Kaffir works best
  • Devil Daves Bloody Mary Seasoning 
For the Marinade:
2 Heaping Scoops of Devil Daves Bloody Mary Speed Mix - or two Bloody Mary Sticks
8 ounces tomato juice
3 ounces Vodka
juice from 1 lime
Mix ingredients well, and pour over cleaned and dry chicken wings. Cover, chill for at least 6 hours. Overnight works best.

For the Finishing Sauce:
1 Heaping Scoop of Bloody Mary Speed Mix
4 ounces - tomato juice
2 ounces - Devil Daves Dilly Pepper or Franks Hot Sauce
1 ounce melted butter or Whirl
Mix ingredients in heat proof bowl. Set aside.

Preheat oven to 400º F
The marinade should be soaked into the wings. Pour entire contents of bowl directly onto paper lined sheet tray. Spread the wings out evenly on sheet tray. Roast in oven for 8-10 minutes. You are only par cooking them, but they should not be raw. Let them rest while you preheat your grill and make your finishing sauce!

Heat grill to sear temperature - usually 600º - 800º F.
Place the par cooked wings on the grill to sear. You should get nice grill marks from the sugars in the ingredients. Make sure they don't burn! Grill for several minutes, moving around to get even charring. Toss well, in wing sauce. Plate with your favorite dipping sauce. Enjoy with a fresh Devil Daves Bloody Mary!

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Recipe is property of Devil Daves copyright, 2017.
bloody mary wings
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Love this recipe. Glad I dug it out in time for this year’s super bowl.

DIane C

Share your blue cheese recipe I’ll share mine.

Wingman WALLY

This sounds fantastic! Gotta try it out next week for sure!

Deborah Beyer

This sounds fantastic! Gotta try it out next week for sure!

Deborah Beyer

Recipe looks awesome! Can’t wait until Devil Dave’s is available to buy so I can make these! Yummy!

Erica Bienick

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