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We like to keep our Bloody Mary recipe simple but also delicious!  We made sure you get your money's worth and have a long lasting delicious product with high quality packaging. We took all the wet and dry components you would put in a classic Bloody and either dehydrated them, granulated or milled them. No more hunting down these expensive ingredients. The citrus is dried then granulated for a perfect mouth feel. The Worcestershire has body, the Cayenne and peppers have soul, and we didn't forget the grated horseradish either!

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You'll experience all the great flavor notes and depth you would get from a traditional home made Bloody. Devil Daves allows you to adjust and try different juices with ease. One 12 Pack Pouch Of Sticks will Make 4 - 46 Oz bottles of ANY Tomato Juice into Bloody Mary Mix for around $22 (less if you use store brand) - It would take nearly 6 - 32 Oz bottles of the leading brand to do that and they run $5.99 and up! 

1 Tin of our Bloody Mary Seasoning will turn 8 - 46 oz Bottles of ANY tomato juice into Bloody Mary Mix. Or you can use it with Clamato and turn those 32 oz size Clamato Jugs into Caesar mix.. 1 Tin will make 12 of those up - WHAT A VALUE!

There are so many great ways to create your favorite Bloody with our seasoning. It has an amazing taste that lingers and leaves you with a quality drinking experience. Use your favorite tomato juice, Clamato or try others including organic, extra spicy or vegetable juice. Wondering how much juice to use per stick or scoop? Best way? Start with the container!

How to mix devil Daves Bloody Mary seasoning


how to mix bloody devil daves mary seasoning
Everyone is different when it comes to spiciness. If you feel your Devil Daves is too hot, use less of the stick pack or try a low sodium juice.. If its not hot enough - use Spicy V8, use more of the packet or add some hot sauce or fresh grated horseradish! Devil Daves and all our products make the best Bloody Mary Gift basket idea for the holidays! See our full collection today! 

How to mix our Blaster Liquid Bloody Mary Seasoning:

By The Glass: Fill 1 Shot Glass (1 or 1.5 Ounce Size) or 3 Tablespoons with Blaster and add to 12 Ozs of your Favorite Tomato Juice or Clamato! Or add a couple dashes to spruce up your bland mix! Its as easy as that - Mix ahead for best results! 

By The Jug: Empty 2 inches from 46 Oz Jug of Tomato Juice or V8 - replace with Blaster till almost full. Place cap and give a good shake. Chill and enjoy! Always works better when you mix ahead of time, You'll get a deeper richer flavor!

how to mix liquid bloody mary seasoning