Instant Single Serve Bloody Mary Mix Packets

bloody mary recipe

Devil Daves is the first Instant Bloody Mary mix to come in a stick pack! Its so simple a child could make one for you. Actually, try it some time, then you don't have to leave your bed on Sunday morning! 

We're just like you. We like to keep our recipe simple but also delicious!  We took all the wet and dry ingredients you would put in a classic Bloody and either dehydrated them or milled them. You can always go hunting down dry Worcestershire powder, or milled horseradish powder. You can try to get the proportions right and also the heat, but wouldn't you rather we did that for you?  The citrus is dried then granulated and swells up instantly in juice. Same goes for the horseradish flakes. All we did was take the tomato juice out of the equation so you can avoid unnecessary corn syrup, MSG, dyes and fillers. It has an amazing taste that lingers and leaves you with a quality mouth feel at an affordable price and easy application! Use your favorite tomato juice again while on the go! 


How-to-make-a-Devil-Daves-Bloody-Mary-Infographic cocktail kit