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There are so many different types of hot sauces available, each with its own unique flavor and level of heat. Everybody I chat with says the same thing, "I dont want just heat, I want it to taste good too.."  Well as much as I agree with them, flavor forward thinking, gone are the days of just straight fire in a bottle. Sauces come in all levels of heat and spice - Here are a few must try Hot Sauces that bring both Heat and Flavor!

Heat level: Some hot sauces are mild and add a subtle kick of flavor, while others are extremely hot and pack a serious punch. The heat level of a hot sauce is determined by the type and amount of chili peppers used in the recipe. Insanely hot hot sauces are often made with Trinidad Scorpion or the Naga Viper - You also have extract hot sauce which can be considered cheating or taboo in the industry.

Flavor: A flavor-forward hot sauce is one that emphasizes the flavors of the ingredients used to make it, rather than just focusing on the heat. These types of hot sauces are often made with a combination of chili peppers and other ingredients like garlic, lime, or herbs, which work together to create a complex, well-rounded flavor profile. Consider what type of flavor you're looking for and try to find a hot sauce that matches your preferences.

Ingredients: Many hot sauces are made with chili peppers as the base ingredient. Different types of chili peppers can be used to create different flavors and levels of heat. Decide which is best for you by finding out what the base of the sauce is made from whether Vinegar, chili, tomato or fruit based hot sauce.

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Use: Different hot sauces are better suited for different types of dishes. Some are great for marinades, while others are best for adding a finishing touch to soups, stews, or other dishes. Some are considered hot sauce condiments. It's all about how you plan to use the hot sauce and choose one that's suitable for your needs.

Price: Hot sauces range in price from a few dollars to more than $20. Consider your budget and choose a hot sauce that fits your price range. If you are looking to gift a quality sauce or two, stay away from gimmick sauce packs during the holidays. They are just cheap gifts. Instead visit Devil Daves Bloody Mary Hot Sauce store in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware - We have an amazing selection of premium craft sauces.

Label: A lot can be said about a hot sauce brand's label. You can find some humorous and some just informational. Either way, the nutritional facts on the back of a hot sauce bottle can tell you so much before even trying it! Did you know that the Scovie Awards actually have a Label Design Category? 

Brand: There are many well-known hot sauce brands on the market, as well as many smaller, artisanal producers and niche hot sauces like Devil Daves Dilly Pepper. Keep in mind that the cheaper sauces are cheap for a reason - Especially around the holidays when you see those hot sauce gift sets at major Retailers, made from mostly vinegar and coloring. Buyer beware!

Devil Daves Dillypepper Hot Sauce | 9.6 OZ

Think you can't make your Bloody any more exiting and savory without adding a ton more seasoning, bloody mary garnishes, or rim salts?  Think again - This is the very first Pickled Cayenne/Sour Dill pickle hot sauce that has Bloody Mary seasoning in the recipe. So when you are feeling a tad let down by your favorite bartenders Bloody or Caesar - reach for the Devil Daves Dillypepper - You may just want to drink it by itself!  It's the sauce you keep in one hand with your food in the other. We are extremely proud of this sauce and hear its getting rave reviews across the board - We thank you!. Yes, since you mentioned it, you CAN drink this sauce!

Below is the recipe for the perfect Bloody Mary using our Hot Sauce:  

1.5 oz of your favorite Vodka - Reach for Effen or Tito's brand
12 oz Sacramento or Clamato Juice
1 scoop Devil Daves Bloody Mary Seasoning or Blaster Liquid
Premium Chip Pickles, Blue Cheese Olives & Lime Wedge for Garnish

Put first 3 ingredients in shaker and shake gently. Pour over fresh ice, garnish with pickles, olives and citrus. Top with a swirl of Devil Daves Dilly Pepper hot sauce... Enjoy your perfect Briny Bloody Mary..!

Hell Fire Detroit - Bourbon Habanero Ghost | 5 Oz

What's that you say?  Your wings arent tasty enough..? Your tongue is bored and you need more excitement in your life? Well, this Bourbon HABxGhost will have you thinking twice about your life choices and why you hadnt heard about it yet!  Be ready for perfect spice level and texture. Coming in at 400,000/600,00 Scoville Units (SHU); We rated this our Top choice of 2023 for the balance and flavor more than the heat. Plus, Ghost peppers are hard to come by right now. Not only was it smokey and bold, but it had that tangy and woody finish we love so much from this infamous pepper combo..  Well done.

AUTHORS TASTING NOTE: Rating this an 10. I've tasted plenty of amazing hot sauces in my time and can still feel the burn from some of them - Ha! But as far as perfect blending consistency goes - Hellfire Detroit hot sauces are some of the best around. When I read terms like smoked and fire roasted peppers on the label - that's when I have mad respect for the term small batch. 

Hoff - DANG Sauce Goonzquad Collaboration | 7.6 OZ

For that touch of class but also danger, we recommend this new Chipotle Lime saltherin' sauce from our boys at Hoff Sauce.  This is a collab sauce with Goonzquad and also a collab with Red Jalapeno, Ancho, Habanero & Chipotle peppers (did we get all that?). Fun to use on any Mexican style dishes coming out of your kitchen or backyard, this is an adventurous sauce that doesn't need an introduction. What more would you expect from the guys that slapped their label on a beefed up police cruiser and did burnouts at Bristol Motor Speedway - They sound like an amazing company..! 

AUTHORS TASTING NOTE: Rating this a 8. I think they want to go hotter with this sauce if marketing for hand held foods. On steak and eggs, super enjoyable. Perfect for Carne' Asada.  Strong suit is, I can definitely see it being worked into Marinades or extra flavoring in sauce and condiment recipes. 

Sugar Bobs - Smoked Maple Sriracha | 9.6 OZ

This sauce is tried and true and thats why its still on the charts going into 2023 - Winner of the 2019 Specialty Foods Awards (SoFi), Sugar Bobs uses their own harvested Maple syrup from Vermont itself.. This smokey hybrid pairs perfect with chicken and as a dipping sauce; Probably for its perfect balance of sweet and heat. We all know that classic peppery taste from Srircaha, right, and they managed to capture it in this sauce all while giving it so much character it could have its own prime time TV show.!  A true foodie and science guy, owner Rob Hausslein has big plans for 2023 when he moves into the former Baba A Louis bakery in Chester, Vermont. We cant wait to see what comes from their company next! Especially because they also make an awesome selection of spicy sugary coated peanuts too.!

AUTHORS TASTING NOTE: Rating this an 8. It has a great aftertaste and I used the whole bottle without it sitting on the door of my fridge. I would like a squeeze bottle at some point though.! I think the price point is in line with the fact it has Pure Vermont maple syrup - well worth it it's 14.00 cost. 

Mikey V's - Garlic Scorpion | 5 Oz

Just when I thought I couldn't get a bottled sauce that tastes like my homemade, Mike Valencia comes out with this Scorpion/Garlic banger.. This is one of our top selling sauces at the Bloody Mary Shop and its also the one we always recommend first when you need a savory wing sauce - Its no surprise we have customers coming back for it over and over again. Pungent garlic aroma with rich peppery tones, it has enough body to coat hot foods. Your wings will never be happier. I compare it to a base of Franks red hot but like, quality.. The scorpion being on of the Trinidad pepper family, it isn't easy to make it stray away from the taste of cayenne, but they did somehow... 

AUTHORS TASTING NOTE: Rating this a 9. Some white vinegar based sauces can overpower the seasonings, but I really like the tanginess this sauce delivers. I think the addition of the jalapeno peppers was smart because the Scorpion alone is pretty citrusy and needs a good sidekick to tone it down. This is a homerun of a sauce and should be on your refrigerator door. 

Underwood Ranches Dragon Sriracha | 17 OZ

In a tale that reads like a spicy soap opera, Craig Underwood, the pepper farmer behind the original sriracha supply line, has not just weathered a storm; he's emerged triumphant. Following the collapse of a nearly 30-year partnership and a multimillion-dollar lawsuit with the maker of the world-renowned Sriracha sauce - This is as authentic as you can get and the reviews speak for themselves - This is the sauce that should be standard issue in your fridge.

AUTHORS TASTING NOTE: Rating is a solid 8. On the palate, it offers a pronounced and piquant pepper flavor, significantly more-so than standard srirachas, creating a deep, resonating heat - Fiery pepper base tastes authentic AF..!

High Dessert - Ghost of Saffron | 5 OZ

Ghost of Saffron hot sauce, an artistic creation/collab that goes beyond the usual. This sauce isn't merely an accompaniment for tacos; it is a lavish fusion of spice and flavor that recalls the magic of your initial extraordinary taco encounter. Its distinctive blend of Scotch bonnet and ghost peppers provides a multifaceted, gratifying heat, while the velvety avocado oil elevates the texture. The opulent mixture of roasted garlic, onion, toasted cumin seeds, and a hint of saffron metamorphoses this sauce into something truly exceptional. With great admiration the collab between owner Zac Perkins came with compliments as Brian Ambs proclaimed, "You did it Zac, thank you so much" The Ghost of Saffron surpasses the mere definition of a sauce; It beckons you to reminisce that initial, indelible moment when you first savored a taco, with every single delectable mouthful.

AUTHORS TASTING NOTE: Rating is a 9. This sauce is a symphony of heat and complexity, a bold yet refined journey for the palate, perfect for transforming any wings or fries into a western style receipe..


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Hell Fire Detroit - Hot Box #1 | 4 Pack

All the best things in one box - An assortment of 4 oz tastings in great little Boston bottles. Featuring Hell Fire's Poblano, Cherry Bomb, Manzana & Habanero. All neatly wrapped in a gift box for that special hot sauce fan in your family. 

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Marshall's Hot Sauce Sampler | 4 Pack

If you are looking for the ultimate hot sauce sampler pack for the "dipper" in your family - Look into this awesome 4 pack from Marshall's Sauce Co. Featuring their greatest hits - Serrano Lemongrass Ginger, Smoked Habanero BBQ, Habanero Carrot Curry & my favorite Sweet Chili Lime. These 4 oz helpings will be great to put out at your next get together. 

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Hoff & Pepper Mini Flask | 4 Pack

This assortment, I consider one of the best for the BBQ fanatic - and the awesome mini flasks can be beat for design and label appeal. Kudos to the Hoff & Pepper graphic team - Wow!  The box has an open face that reveals the 4 bottles - Smoken Ghost, Everyday Hot Sauce, Mean Green, and their Original BBQ Slathering Sauce! Love this one and we always sell a ton in our shop! 

TREND FOR THOUGHT: The hot sauce market is witnessing a shift towards the emergence of gourmet, artisanal, and craft-made varieties. Despite the increasing production costs due to inflation, which are somewhat modest compared to other products, there is a growing consumer willingness to embrace novel and more intense flavors. This trend is particularly evident in the rising popularity of hot sauces inspired by Asian, Indian, and Mexican culinary traditions.

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