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Welcome to our premier pickle boutique in Rehoboth Beach, where we elevate the craft of pickling to an art form, meticulously curating a collection that spans the entire pickling spectrum. Drawing inspiration from online groups and first hand evaluation of all things pickled, our assortment includes an eclectic range of pickled products that we find to be the best out there! From the tangy zest of Dilly Beans and the complex profiles of Spicy Garlic Dills, Devil Daves Bloody Mary Shop serves as a sanctuary for aficionados of the pickling craft.

Dill pickle hot sauce

We've assimilated insights from industry pacesetters like Epic Pickles, renowned for their preservation of the cucumber's innate freshness and nuanced dill infusion, and New Jerseys own, Kilhaney's Pickles, distinguished by their amazing label artistry and unique flavors. Our inventory not only mirrors these popular pickle companies but also introduces you to the latest trends in the Pickle world..! "I watch a ton of videos and follow all the good pickle groups so I can keep an eye out for what people want," says Ryan owner of Devil Daves. Certainly, you will find something that you haven't seen or tried before, and that's what makes your experience worth the visit!

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Our selection? Oh, it's kind of a Big Dill. From the classic Garlic Dills that'll make your breath a weapon of mass destruction (in a good way, we promise) to Super Spicy Pickles that come with a free fire extinguisher, to the largest assortment of Pickle Hot Sauce you can find! Oh and let's not forget our Dilly Beans – the most requested Bloody Mary garnish on the East Coast!

Being the local Neighborhood Pickle Dealer of Rehoboth Beach isn't an easy job - But Devil Daves is sure to make your decisions easy - You have never shopped for pickles like this before and surely you haven't heard product descriptions like you will hear at Devil Daves - We know our products and stick by them!

If a trip to our store isn't in your plans, no problem – our online selection brings the world of pickles to you. Dive into our array of pickle products and pickle-flavored seasonings, perfect for enhancing your culinary creations. From unique Pickle Gifts to the famous Done Dillin Coffee Mug, our online shop is your go-to for discovering bold flavors and new twists on classic pickles. Explore our virtual shelves and find everything you need to add a pickled punch to your dishes, all from the comfort of your home.