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Bloody Mary Tree for Garnishes | 2 Tree Stirrers

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Want to make your Bloody Mary garnishes more fun than they already are? Sick of using just celery and a pickle spear because you don't have any way to put all your favorite finger foods on top?  



What if your best friend brings over pickles, olives, sausage, chicken wings, cheese, hard boiled eggs, pickled onions, sliders!?  Try these Raw Rutes® stainless steel Bloody Mary Trees for your next creation! Made from strong stainless steel material - They make a great cocktail stirrer or throwing star if you are getting attacked by ninjas!

  • Contains 2 large trees perfect for 16 oz Pint glasses or any glass that has ice in it
  • Great for Bloody Mary competitions - Show them you know how to stabilize your garnishes the right way
  • One of those awesome Bloody Mary Gift ideas
  • Dishwasher safe - non corrosive - won't rust. 
  • Flat for easy storage in your drawer
  • Constructed from Stainless Steel with 60% Recycled Content - 100% plastic free for a lifetime of use!

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