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Devil Daves Speed Mix - 8oz. Tin

Regular price $18.99

The Original Devil Daves Bloody Mary Speed Mix - Makes 25 servings. Available for PRE-SALE purchase now! CLICK HERE TO BE TAKEN TO AN ORDER PAGE - All payments processed by STRIPE and you will receive your order by May 1st, 2018.

Net Weight - 8.0 ozs (226 gr) - Nutrition Facts here
  • Contains 25 - Tablespoon scoops of our Bloody Mary spice mix to make individual 16 oz. Bloody Mary's.
  • Retail price will be - $18.99 plus shipping. Shipping will be flat rate across the lower 48 States at $3.00 - That's less than $1 per Bloody Mary - fast and delicious - Every time.
  • The Only Bloody Mary Seasoning mix on the Market that has grated horseradish and can be used to make chicken wings too!
  • Wooden scoop included.
  • Our mix is made with REAL Horseradish, Cracked Black Pepper, Celery Salt, garlic, onion and other spices.
  • Gluten Free Bloody Mary Mix
  • Vegan 


How Will We Make The Tins?

The containers are a rolled top food grade tin certified by the FDA. We will be ordering thousands of them at a time and placing our own labels on them by hand. This will save us money and is why we can offer the Speed Mix to you at an amazing cost. They will include a small food safe wooden scoop in every can so you can measure out one heaping spoonful for your drink. Like with any spice mix - you can add more or less to your liking. We expect you will like the option to make it how you want it. The tins will be finished with a tape closure to ensure there is no product tampering. 

Our Projects only concern is supply and demand...
The one thing we want to do is offer a bulk option to our customers. Whether for wholesale or consumer purchase - you should be able to keep waste down and also enjoy our spice mix any time you want.  In order to keep the bulk Speed Mix in our brands product line - we need wholesalers interested in purchasing for distribution to bars, cruise ships, hotels, and restaurants who might have Bloody Mary's on their menu - but no time to make them or train staff to do so every time a single Bloody is ordered. Our spice tastes just like the real thing - because it is. We are the only spice mix to have Real Horseradish flakes in our mix. I bet if you had a business that made hundreds of Bloody Marys every weekend - you would consider purchasing a mix that could pass for a hand crafted bloody - every single time. Just add Tomato Juice and Vodka - Done.  


Interested in Wholesaling or Retailing our Product?  Devil Dave's Bloody Mary Speed Mix is the best way to get a bloody in the hands of your customers fast, efficiently and with consistency and flavor. Contact us to find out more -

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