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Chipotle Bloody Mary Meat Straws | 5 Pack

Regular price $10.99

Save the planet and have fun while doing it - Throw out those plastic things, because you can eat these straws!  Delightfully zingy smokiness with an awesomely crisp outer layer!  Grab a pack of the Original, Benny's® Bloody Mary Meat Straws, for your next party and compliment your already perfect cocktail! SHIPPING INCLUDED!

They're designed to be used with more savory drinks like a Bloody Mary! Get creative!  Plus, no sales tax! WE SHIP SAME DAY before 5pm! 2-3 Day Shipping with Express Available! Check out all of our Bloody Mary supplies

Current Discount Codes: With shipping included we cannot discount on a single Box or Tin ~ Codes will only work with $20 minimum order.

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Contents & Shipping

1 - 5 Pack of 10 Inch Beef Straws  - One year code - We get them in fresh every couple weeks.. We move a ton of them! 

Ships Internationally - Tax Exempt food product!

Please allow 2-3 days to arrive at your door.

Wholesale Info

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