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Let Devil Daves Save You Money At Your Store or Catering Event!

We can handle any size order! Shipped directly to you, at over a 30% Discount!

Devil Daves Speed Mix makes 3 - 4 Gallons!  Imagine the ease of mixing our seasoning with a few gallons of tomato juice?  Boom - Done..   And Devil Daves needs nothing but the tomato juice and booze!

Also, our stick packs come in bundles for the counter at your store! Priced to move, these packs will surely be the best addition to your store's counter space in a long time! They will sell themselves - We just ask that you carry tomato juice, that way your customers won't have to think too hard! 

Price sheet available upon request!

Please fill out the form below or send an email and let us know about your store, banquet, private party or events.  Stores are required to have a minimum order, sign an MAP, and provide Tax I.D. for resale. 

Please email - wholesale@devildaves.com

or call us toll free at our Mayfield NY location 833-212-8363

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