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TIP JAR - To Help Our Business Grow!

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Think we are doing great?   Want to help out Devil Daves as much as possible?  We would really appreciate it! 

Devil Daves started with a bootstrap budget on Kickstarter. The concept of the worlds first Bloody Mary stick is taking off, however, we are still in our infancy and could use all the help we can get! Our goal is to go nationwide and get our products closer to you! 

Devil Daves is a privately owned small business and we do a lot for our community in Mayfield. We have a stretch of Highway that we clean, provide jobs, we donate to local charity and donate gift baskets for benefits in our area. 

Thank you so much to our loyal customers who have been with us since day one and watched me build my dream company!

Feel free to leave some encouraging words in the reviews below! 

Thanks so much! 

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