100 Pack Hex Canister - Counter Display

100 Pack Hex Canister - Counter Display


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Having a big brunch?  Possibly have a lot of friends over for the weekend?  These are great for the boat. Now you can have a Bloody any time you want, without making the damn thing from scratch. And so can you friends!  

How cool are you to have a jug of Bloody Mary mix on your counter for all to share!

Net Weight - 28.21 ounces (800 gr) - Nutrition Facts here -  

  • Contains 100 Sticks of our Bloody Mary spice mix to make individual 16 oz. Bloody Mary's - That's only $.80 per stick!
  • Makes 9-10 Gallons of mix total
  • Hermetically Sealed. Tamper Evident with Stay Fresh technology. Weather and humidity proof - 2 Year Shelf life
  • Our mix is made with REAL Horseradish, Cracked Black Pepper, Celery Salt, garlic, onion and other spices
  • Gluten Free
  • Vegan 

10 - 8 gram Single Serving Instant Bloody Mary Seasoning Packets.
Container Weight - 2.36 lbs - Ships Internationally - Same day weight based shipping. Please allow 2-3 days to arrive at your door.

Interested in Wholesaling or Retailing our Product?  Devil Dave's Bloody Mary Speed Mix is the best way to get a bloody in the hands of your customers fast, efficiently and with consistency and flavor. 

Want to market our products on your Social Media group or next event? Contact us here with your ideas and to request promotional products that you can test and review!