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Bloody Mary Pint Glass - 16 oz | 5 Sticks Included

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Our latest addition for our Devil Daves fans - Bloody Mary Pint Glasses! Show style and function. Perfect glass to use for HUGE BLOODYS and especially for using our Bloody Mary Rimmers - It keeps any drink cold and has enough room for the perfect Devil Daves bloody!



Tempered - High quality Screen Print - Hand wash recommended but safe for dishwasher!  Includes 5 of Our Devil Daves Bloody Mary Sticks!


  • 16 Oz - Fits 10-12 ozs of Juice, Ice and 2 shots Vodka - Bigger than it looks
  • Comes with 5 Devil Daves Bloody Mary Stick Packs
  • Super Thick  heat cured Artwork and tempered glass
  • Fits into any cup holder conveniently - Use a Cocktail Tin to shake up your Bloody's
  • Bright colors and easy to use - Just mix and shake - Good to Go! 

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