The Problem With Bottled Mixes

What type of Bloody Mary Pre-Mix have you used in the past?  Did you enjoy it? 

Only when you come across a Bloody Mary Pre-Mix in either the grocery, liquor or beer store do you get the chance to see what the big companies are doing to our industry. No matter where you go, what bar you enjoy, or what stadium you attend there always seems to be a bottle of bland tomato juice that most definitely tastes horrible on its own.

bloody mary mix is gross

Face it, at one point, everyone was drinking the stuff. There was no where to hide. However, you learn quickly so the second time around you ordered a Mimosa.  I bet on your way home you were so sure you'd never order another restaurant Bloody Mary that your Uber driver took a U-turn to the grocery store.  So there you went, buying 40 dollars worth of ingredients to stock your wetbar for next Saturday morning, and then proceeded to eat brunch alone because, damn, you make a pretty good bloody!

I feel this blog should have a discalimer that states how much artistry goes into small batch Bloody Mary Mix. Don't get me wrong, there are some companies that go the extra mile with their recipe. I've had killer small batch pre-mix. But enough is enough. I'm talking to you, big restaurant, please change up your game. No more bland tomato juice served by inexperienced bartenders who haven't been properly trained. Saving money is good, but what's there to save if you don't have any more customers?

I used to stop into Crabcake Factory on the main drag in Ocean City, Maryland - more Saturdays and Sundays than I care to admit -hey, it was an addicting bloody. Sure they used a premix, but they added horseradish, black pepper, Tabasco, and topped it off with 10 pounds of crab and 23 pickled green beans. They new how to mask a starter mix and make it taste authentic. Most places don't and they need to start taking ques from the Ocean City Gods of the Bloody Mary. 

crabcake factory has awesome bloody marysBeing in the bar business myself, down there, I ended up forgiving the Crab Cake Factory right away and I loved every minute of that place. I guess you can call me spoiled.  

Any time my friends and I went out for brunch or football on Sundays I would refute with them that the place used a pre-mix. Of course I was also the only one to ask if they added anything extra to it.. With a sneer and a nasty look routed in my direction, I was crowned the nagging Bloody Mary geek. What?  Are we just supposed to drink a bad bloody? I was looking out for the team.  My friends never appreciated what I did for them.. I mean, when was the last time you visited your friends house and they had a bottle of that large format Bloody Mary mixture on their refrigerator door? Half empty, half dead, completely gross. Most likely, they were out of the other ingredients, leaving the bottle dead in the water. You had no where to turn..  What did you do? You took them to your favorite spot right?  A place where an authentic tasting Bloody Mary was graciously prepared and served.

So here it is - the point of this whole veracious assault on those conglomerate pre-mix Bloody Mary's. I think you need to stop worrying about them. They will be old news once you realize you can get something that saves space, works as a single serving, and tastes just like the real thing, because it is.  So, let me introduce to you, Devil Daves Bloody Mary Stick Packs, an Instant Bloody Mary spice mix that is single serve and saves you money on stock for your bar.
instant bloody mary seasoningEach packet carries enough spice to make 10 Bloody's over time. It works by mixing with tomato juice, Vodka and ice. Make it literally within seconds at home, on the go, or at your favorite sporting event. Ever had a bad bloody on a flight?  Not if you remember to order some Devil Daves before you take off. We are hoping to get these in Hotels as well. No longer do you have to wait for a watered down cocktail to come up the elevator from the lounge. You will have them in your room already. Right in the mini bar or on the room-service cart next to your cold eggs. 

Our Vegan & Gluten Free Bloody Mary spice mix keeps fresh in their own foil lined packets for when you are ready to have one. Not when the expiration date on the open bottle of premix in your fridge says so.  You ever finished a whole one? Neither have I. 

If you want to see them in action - please be sure to see our Kickstarter Video on January 1st - We will keep you updated on our progress throughout December for our launch on National Hangover "slash" Bloody Mary Day 2018!