Streamlining Your Bar Business

Streamlining and Reducing Waste In Your Drinking Establishment or Restaurant.

What if there was a way to simplify that behind the bar mess and create an environment of constructive, organized business?

Innovative packaging equals less wasted space. Less wasted space means more money in your pocket in the bar business. Devil Dave’s Bloody Mary Speed Mix has all that figured out for you, even the taste part.  Devil Daves delivers classic Bloody Mary taste by the glass or gallon. Stop looking up Bloody Mary recipes to impress your friends at the next backyard gathering. Everything you need to make the delicious tomato-y libation is right here, in this single packet. Our customers know what the want - they shout it from the roof tops. Are we paying attention?

Think About This: Every dollar you spend is broken up into multiple parts before it hits your bottom line. Waste accounts for nearly 30% of that. 

Have you ever stopped to wonder how the food service industry like bars, country clubs and restaurants keep everything flowing? Do they have it all together when it comes to keeping things neat and tidy in the kitchen or behind the bar?  Probably not, but they would like you to believe the do. You've probably seen a behind the bar shot on shows like “Bar Rescue”. You know, where John Taffert, AKA - "Big Attitude" comes in to fix your problems. Why? Because according to him, you suck at life and you suck at running a bar business. Apparently, he has it all figured out and if you listen to him, you will reap the rewards and your customers will come flocking back to you like an ex after you win the Lotto.  The show may seem a but far fetched, I mean, who the hell is going to come into my place of business and boss me around like that? Who in the hell keeps their restaurant in such a shamble?  Am I right?

One thing is for certain, I have studied many episodes of their show. I've worked in the bar business for over 25 years. It's not that far off from reality. Taffert may be a restaurateur turned actor and its all for show - but there are a lot of takeaways from the show, namely food waste! 

Watching the show I always think, how the heck can you keep up with making drinks, quickly, and at the same time keep everything neat and clean with all the crap back there? Bottles everywhere. Glasses. Cups. Silverware. Condiments. Wines and garnishes that get wet fingers through them all night.  Ever had a margarita from one of those plastic bottles? You know, the ones that are glowing bright green without any light behind them. Looks like battery acid? I'm guilty of drinking them, and also serving them.

instant bloody mary mix for restaurants

I apologize to any former patrons who might be reading this but let me just warn you in advance. Your Bloody Mary Mix could be the same formula. Mass produced, full of preservatives and syrup..  What's even worse is, you have probably been served a bad one or two, yeah? Sour and tastes kinda off?  Well that's because they have a horrible shelf life.. Like 3 days tops and I would be hard pressed to not put it in writing that your bartender, as cute as she may be, didn't taste it to check for freshness.  I bet it was 5 days old. I bet, wait, I wager my entire business on the fact that you have drank one or two in your life and not even known it was past its date.  Did it kill you? Probably not, but wouldn't you like to know that you are drinking something fresh? After all, you paid $8 or more dollars for it.. 

I just don't get it.. Managers, I'm talking to you.. What would seem to be essentially important in reducing food waste and improving your bar efficiencies? Is it storage - you know the part where you keep a tight lid on fresh cut fruit? Or how about when you have to dump a whole jar of horseradish because your servers are cross-contaminating it? Ever seen "red horseradish" at your bar?  I have and its because they are scooping with the same bar spoon that's sitting in the cherries. In the bin it should go..  Might as well count disposal of garnishes into the bin as employee theft, right?  I mean, they arent stealing them, but they certainly arent watching out for your bottom line which in turn constitutes untruthfulness. What is really more important than innovative food packaging to increase efficiency, safety and the bottom line? I'll let you ponder over that one. 

how to reduce waste behind bar restaurant bloody mary mix

Recently I went in and "Shopped" one of the restaurants that is using Devil Daves. Busy morning rush. Great servers. Nice clean atmosphere. Bloody's were flying off the service bar. Patron's were literally stopping servers on their way to tables to ask for a Bloody Mary.  I mean, the garnishes were modest. Pickle, olives, some cheese and a celery stalk. It wasn't some big extravagant Bloody Mary like you'd get at a touristy beach bar so that wasn't the draw. What I gathered from the crowd as I sat there and watched, was that they were impressed with the speed at which tables were getting their drinks that morning. Diners are smart - they watch. They watch other tables to see how fast they are getting their drinks and starters. They watch facial expressions. We are curious by nature, but my gosh, get us in the same restaurant together and we have all we can do to not judge every little creation that walks past us. We go there because we are hungry, but we also want to be impressed. 

Built quickly, consistently and efficiently at the bar with a single serve Bloody Mary seasoning, Devil Daves Bloody Marys were making rounds to every table and not a one of them asked for anything added to it. No complaints. Just satisfaction. Even the food was going out well. I take it, in part to servers not waiting for drinks. Bloodys can slow up bar service faster than you can say, disaster. 

Food For Thought: When you have to train an employee every time they need to make a cocktail, you are using resources. 

Think about it. Every step in preparation, and anything that can save a single minute in a busy kitchen or bar, is the telltale sign between a complete disaster or a successful shift. Still the bottom line is, how much money can you save by straightening up your act?

The restaurant/bar industry is thirsty for resourcefully designed food packaging. Why? Because you expect high-quality, fresh food that is portioned out and ready for assembly to ensure quick and cost effective service to customers. Something that would seem so simple to make happen, isn’t always happening, especially in the bar industry. It can’t be good to keep housing so many varieties of open bottles behind the bar with a ton of different amenities to compliment your drink choice. Seriously, why would you want to have to deal with such chaos every time a customer came to the bar for a drink? With staff bumping into each other or reaching for this and that to create that…why wouldn’t you want to simplify? And the clean up? Ughh! Bottles can topple over spilling dollars all over the back side of the bar.

single serve bloody mary mix for my bar or restaurant

A major solution in the food and bar service is happening now, (hear that angelic music playing in your head… that is like a miracle that has just been born?) Yes, they are using solutions such as Devil Dave’s Bloody Mary Mixes because it offers saving time and effort around bar preparation and clean up! Both solutions provide the opportunity for menu expansions and seasonal offerings.

Dealing with products like wine bottles, liquor bottles, drink add-ins and the such, which typically take up so much space, and not even just behind the bar, but in the storage rooms. Why not use something that offers easy-open, flexible packaging solutions in a packet or can that completely eliminates the need for traditional cans or bottles, and offer significant storage space? Did you know that using Devil Dave’s Bloody Mary Mixes reduces the likelihood of worker injuries because they don’t have to dig deep into coolers for ingredients or fumble with glass jars, which in turn minimizes potential downtime and maximizes productivity.

Wasted food/drink space eats away at your bottom line or even your reputation. You can use a smaller area of your bar for service when you don't crowd it with garnishes. Reduce the area you need to make several drinks at a time, and you will be able to fit more people, comfortably. 

The facts are out there. Due to food spoilage, the bar and beverage insudtry suffers at a loss of millions of dollars every year. Often times more drink mixes are made ahead for unexpected busy times, but more times than not, the unused portions are thrown out. Cha-ching, money down the drain again. 

how to reduce spoilage in my restaurant bar bloody mary mix waste

Here are some delicious facts to devour about Devil Dave’s Bloody Mary Mixes and its packaging:

  1. Portioned packaging can help prevent over production
  2. It extends shelf life and usability
  3. Dramatically reduces food waste
  4. Inhibits the growth of microorganisms that cause spoilage
  5. Allows for bartenders to organize a variety of fresh and dry condiments for easier drink prep.
  6. Greater financial savings, no food waste
  7. Keeps the environment healthier-less landfill waste
  8. Offers a competitive edge for those who take the consumers’ decisions to contribute to cutting down on food waste
  9. Less packaging keep spices fresh longer
  10. Easy preparation with less time wasted
  11. Consistently able to provide high-quality spice packaging, that is portioned to be cost effective
  12. Immediate benefit to space savings
  13. Swift clean up
  14. Less cross contamination

As a business owner we have to keep up with the times when they change. And they are changing constantly. Keeping up with restaurant or bar technology space saving opportunities is what keeps the bottom dollar growing. Not only does the space saving technology that Devil Dave’s Bloody Mary Mixes offer apply to the restaurant and bar industry, it applies to any other type of service that has to rely on space saving in regards to weight savings. The cost of having to distribute or carry additional weighted products increases the cost of shipment which in turns comes down to the consumers pocket. Prices will go up on products that have to be shipped because they are heavier. However, with Devil Dave’s Bloody Mary Mixes, the vertical packaging and tubs created are nearly weightless on their own, creates a whole new scenario in distribution of a much needed commodity in the restaurant bar business.