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Here are the directions to use the Pledge Manager that has arrived to your email. You now have a personalized Token Link that will require no login. Always refer back to that link if you need to make changes to your address or rewards. SO, IF YOU HAVE BACKED US ON KICKSTARTER - PLEASE LOOK IN YOUR EMAIL FOR YOUR PLEDGEMANAGER BACKER INVITATION. (If you don't see it, check your SPAM folder)

Or, if you are a LATE COMER - you CAN STILL PLEDGE and get our early bird deals - All with FREE SHIPPING! - 🔥 Click here to start your pre-order 🔥 - 

You’ll get to lock in your Devil Daves Bloody Mary Sticks, shipping address and pick up a couple of extra goodies if you like. Here is an FAQ if you need to have basic questions asked - otherwise get back to me through email or Facebook messages from our Fan Page. Im happy to help! After 10pm EST, please allow me to get back to you in the morning, unless Im still working!


The token link goes to your Personal Pledge Manager page. YOU DO NOT NEED TO LOG IN TO ANYTHING. SO DO NOT WORRY IF YOU FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD FROM KICKSTARTER. You're done with Kickstarter, you don't need it any more except for updates.  The page will look like this (note: where it says TEST BACKER will be your Kickstarter user name)  There is no log-in needed. The link is called a token link, and it has been personalized just for you - so don't share it.  This Welcome Page will have your reward and ask you to choose your country. Answer that and click "NEXT"



Page 2 is all about Upgrading..  Here you can see that TEST BACKER has his reward already picked out, or he can upgrade to any other tiers on our list. Mr. Test Backer already has $15 dollar credit that has been paid in full, so if he choose to upgrade, there will be another credit card check out at the end. Same goes for choosing Add On's that have not been pre-paid. If you have a credit, just pick out your item! If you want two more. NOTE: If you choose not to upgrade or choose more Add On's - You can just click through to the ADDRESS FORM. But we hope you choose to help out even further and get some great add ons.



Here is the Add On's page. This is where you can use your credit to choose your extras.. Or if you don't have credit, can choose something and check out using a credit card. Just like ordering something off Amazon. Just choose the item, quantity and press next! For example, Test Backer is going to add on a Tumbler. If when you backed Kickstarter but also gave extra money for an add on, it will show you have a credit.. You are allowed to use that credit any way you see fit. If you had a t-shirt in mind, but now want the tumbler and something else, you will just add it to cart and pay the new balance at the end. You can always go back in to your pledge manager and choose an upgrade, change your address, or make an Add on - all the way until April when we wrap up the final orders. DONT FORGET TO CLICK - ADD TO CART


You can even leave us a TIP - We love Tips - They help us out because it requires no additional product from us - It is just straight funds that will help with our expansion and only helps to better SERVE YOU! DONT FORGET TO CLICK - ADD TO CART!


This page is where enter your Mailing Address - Be sure to write in any apartment or unit numbers in the Address 2 line. If you should move in the next couple months, you can go back in and change your address if you need to. Just use the TOKEN link in your email.  If you are satisfied with your address, press next.



At the Checkout Page, Test Backer ordered a Tumbler as an add on - and the price reflects it at the bottom. Simple, just like any other check out.  Test Backer already had the $15 credit from paying for his reward before, so now he only owes for the Tumbler - All Add On's are FREE SHIPPING. So the balance is only $15... Feel free to change the quantity and add additional items here in this checkout page as well..



If everything on your Checkout looks good, just hit the big green button at the bottom and it brings up a payment widget. Enter your credit card info here. You have already paid us for Kickstarter, so only your new balance from add on's or upgrades will have to be paid here. Once again, I do not have any access to your Credit Card information - we use a Payment processor called Stripe. They are the major credit card processing company and guarantee encryption and safety on all transactions. If you need a refund for any reason whatsoever, please contact me personally and I can make that happen, although I hope you are satisfied with everything. 



The order confirmation page shows your payment, order number, and the ability to change your address if you think you messed it up. Also, you can always just log back into your pledge manager dashboard and change your address around down the road should you move before I get the rewards sent out in May. This is done by Unlocking your order as seen in the bottom right. You can make any changes you want by using the link that brought you here. 


If you ever want to make changes to your Pledge Manger order (Shipping address or add More stuff) then use this link.

Stay tuned for updates here and on our Facebook page - If you have not joined our Facebook yet, please do so - It is the best way to follow the progress of Devil Daves as we move into production and shipping! 

Thanks everyone!



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