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National Bloody Mary Day 2018 - Devil Daves Blog Coverage

Bloody Mary Festivals!

As we get closer to our Kickstarter - we also get closer to National Bloody Mary Day 2018. Visit us here to get Bloody Mary recipes and information about first night festivals near you.

See you in New York City on April  for Bloody Mary Fest 2018

national bloody mary festival january 1st new york city


Official Website Blogs of National Bloody Mary Day 2018

We will have coverage from all our blogger friends including The Drunken Tomato, NJ Bloodymary, Bloody Good Bloodys, Bean Town Bloodys, Bloody Mary Chaser, Bloody Buzzed Chicago.

Also included will be updates from the Bloody Mary Festivals near you in 2018!

Any Small batch Bloody Mary Mix companies -  please let us know about your product so we can collaborate on ideas for the event! We are also looking to collaborate with pickle vodka & pepper vodka companies. As well as Artisan beer makers,  they make am amazing Michelada Beer Bloodys.

If you would like to be featured in this article leading up to January 1st, 2018 - Please use the contact form here.


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